• Blake DeLuca

Overwhelmed with Social Media Marketing!?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with social media and marketing? Below are 5 things you NEED to do! 🖐


1. Do NOT over think it! (Post, post, and post - It does not matter. People think it has to be perfect... At the end of the day it will never be. All audiences just want authenticity) 🤯

2. Take a step back, it is okay! (Some of the biggest brands and influencers do not post or interact everyday. Just make sure when you do come back you come back strong!) 💤

3. Make sure you have no marketing gaps! (You might be feeling overwhelmed because something is not working right. Cover your gaps and make sure it all flows correctly. Think full circle and make sure you are using your resources correctly.) ⭕️

4. Plan ahead! (Take time to make a content calendar. This can help you and your team for months and years to come. You can look back and see what you have done and how to either pivot or jab. If you do this then there is no need to rush and stress on missed opportunities.) 🗓

5. Offload some of the work! (Either hand off some of the work to an agency or just simplify your marketing. Sometimes less is better. You don't want to suffocate your audience.) 🤝


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